Coming Home From the Hospital or Rehab?

senior woman discharged from hospital

Are you or a loved one coming home from the hospital? Do you know the items that one will need once home?

LiveWell’s Commitment to quickly providing the items you need.

Female Patient Being Discharged From Hospital

Today is your lucky day. You’ve been in the hospital but today is the day you get to go home! The
hospital calls this being discharged. While you are likely delighted that you will get to be in your own
home, sleep in your own bed, and eat something besides hospital food, you may be worried about how
you will take care of yourself when you get home. It is normal to be a bit anxious but preparing and
knowing there are people who can help will calm your nerves.

You have support when coming home from the ER/Rehab. LiveWell Mobility is committed to providing
items you may need and being a resource for you when you are about to take this big step.
Before you leave the hospital, make sure you understand the status of your medical condition, when
you will see the doctor again, how to take any medications you might need, and any warning signs you
should be on the lookout for.

Medical condition: You will receive a summary of your current condition or diagnosis as well as a
summary of treatments or procedures you received while you were in the hospital. Ask about anything
you don’t understand.

Follow Up: Make sure you know when you will need to see the doctor again. This appointment can be
made for you before you leave the hospital. It is important that you continue your medical treatment so
that you will have support on your road to recovery.

Medications: Your discharge instructions will contain a list of your current medications and will include
prescriptions for any new medication. Make sure you understand the dosage and how to take any new
medications. Ask about potential side effects and know when to notify the nurse or doctor.
Warning signs The road to recovery can be rocky. Sometimes people feel worse right after they are
discharged from the hospital. As you get adjusted to home again, pay attention to any changes that
might need attention from the doctor. You should be feeling a bit better every day. The paperwork from
the hospital will list reasons to call the doctor. Do not tough it out. This list was given to you for a reason
and everyone wants you to get back in top shape as quickly as possible.

After the specifics of your medical condition, you will need to know how active you can be, whether
there is special equipment that could help you regain independence, and if modifying areas of your
home could speed your progress to a full recovery.

Livewell Mobility can help you with any modifications your home may need. We will assess your home
and make suggestions to support your safety and independence. We want everyone to be safe,
comfortable, and as independent as they can be. Our checklist is comprehensive and we will customize a
plan that fits your budget and your needs.