Older Americans and Rising Housing Challenges

Senior older couple outside in front of white house

Older Americans Aging in Place in Their Home

As the number of older Americans in the United States rises to unprecedented levels, housing challenges are becoming more evident. Ensuring that seniors have the means to live safely in their current homes is a growing challenge.

Most older Americans that are of retirement age or older live in small households. 35 million of the nearly 50 million adults age 65 and over live alone or with a spouse or partner. The share of older adults living alone increases sharply with age, reaching 57 percent among households in their 80s and beyond.


Of the 24 million homeowners age 65 and over, 80 percent lived in detached single-family homes. The majority of these homes are now at least 40 years old and therefore may present maintenance and mobility/accessibility challenges for their owners. Climbing the stairs, entering and exiting a tub or shower, and accomplishing everyday tasks can become a serious issue in a home that has not been prepared for aging in place. Homes built nearly half a century ago are not prepared to meet an aging senior’s needs, but they can be.

LiveWell Mobility has taken bathrooms, kitchens, laundry/mudrooms, etc., and made them completely accessible for older Americans.

Our team takes the homeowner’s needs and creates a customized plan that allows them to stay in their home and still be able to navigate it safely and easily. Full accessibility at any age is our goal.

Zero-entry shower and fully accessible bathroom remodel


We offer an extensive line of stairlifts and elevators that allows aging adults to still access every floor of their home with ease.

Our talented craftsmen provide luxury, transformative, fully-accessible bathrooms that make simple daily tasks much safer. Ramps, grab bars, smart home technology, Lift Chairs, Powered Scooters….the list goes on and on of all that LiveWell Mobility has to offer.

The unprecedented growth of the nation’s older population presents a great deal of housing challenges. Within the next decade, some 18 million adults will be in their 80’s, many living alone. The time to begin planning for that phase of your life is now. If you fall into this category and have difficulties moving around your home, please give us a call. We would love to talk with you about your struggles and needs and create a customized plan for you. Our team is standing by to talk with you!

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