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Aging in place occurs when a person makes the decision to stay in their own home for as long as they can with the things that are important to them. This typically occurs during their retirement years. Typically someone aging in place is still independent enough to take care of themselves without a great deal of assistance.


Everyone knows that there is no place like home. The home you have lived in for years and all of the comforts that surround you shouldn’t have to be sacrificed just because you are getting older. Not only does it allow a person to remain in the comfort of their home, it also has mental benefits as well. Studies show that 40% of people who move into a nursing home or retirement community become depressed. With a little planning for the future, aging in place is a possibility.


In order to retire and live as comfortably as possible, financial plans should be put into place as early as possible. Thinking ahead to the future when a person is younger allows for more time to save. Needs will change, that’s inevitable. But knowing that you want to remain in your home as long as possible gives you a place to start.


  • Home Modifications – The way you move around your home will need to change eventually. The most common changes include:
  1. Stairlifts or home elevators
  2. Bathroom modifications (installing a zero-entry shower, grab bars, raised toilet seats, handicap accessible vanities, etc)
  3. Ramps for entering and exiting the home
  4. Doorway Widening
  • Health – How is your health? Will living independently be a possibility in the foreseeable future? While things can happen and lift change change in an instant, planning ahead as much as possible is key. Do you have conditions that might make it hard to climb the stairs in your retirement years? If not, think about what could possibly happen in the future and make plans to solve those problems.
  • Closeness to family. – One of the main struggles that can come with getting older and potentially living by yourself is loneliness. Being close to family and friends is vital. If family isn’t close by, joining a local senior center or other community activities is a great way to meet new friends. Staying active and being around people is key.
  • Finances – According to a recent study by CNBC, 59% of Americans will not be able to retire by 65 and will have to continue working longer. This doesn’t have to be the case! Begin planning now. If your goal is to remain at home begin putting a dollar amount back every month to reach that goal.

LiveWell Mobility is the premier aging in place expert in the Houston area. Our team can provide a free in-home assessment and walk you through all of the areas of concern that we see. We will then provide a thorough proposal of all the projects discussed. We would love to talk with you about your plans and goals for the future. Let us help you reach those goals! Give us a call today!

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