Door with arrows showing width

Why Widening Your Doorway Matters

Many times when a family is planning to make modifications to their home they consider the bathroom, the stairway, and the entrance to the home, but many times they forget to consider something as simple as their doorways.

Whether you are planning ahead for the future or a loved one is coming home from the hospital, doorways could potential cause problems.

Wes Edmonson is LiveWell Mobility’s Operations Manager. In this video, Wes explains why widening you doorway is a critical part of any home remodel. A doorway needs to be wide enough to allow a walker or a wheelchair to easily pass through.

LiveWell offers a free in-home consultation. During this consultation, our team will walk through and discuss your plans for the future or the mobility needs of a loved one. Team members will point out any areas of concern they see and provide an in-depth proposal for your project. Give us a call today and let us help you plan for your future!