Lady sitting on chair in walk-in shower.

LiveWell recently partnered with Village MD and their CAPABLE implementation program. The client was a 71 year old woman who lives alone. She has a torn ACL that has caused her to have very limited mobility over the last four months. She is bound to a wheelchair and is only able to take small pivot steps with the use of a walker. She is unable to bear any weight on the leg with the torn ligaments.

During the initial visit it was discussed that the client has been unable to bathe herself for four months due to her decreased mobility and difficulty safely getting in and out of the shower. She is unable to do her own laundry due to her difficulty navigating a large step that leads into her sunken laundry room. She is currently paying for someone to come in and take care of her laundry and she feels like such a burden to her family.

After discussing her needs and developing a plan, LiveWell got to work! We built her a ramp into her laundry room and updated her bathroom area to provide safer entry to the shower.

After the work was completed, our client was able to access her living room and laundry room via the ramp we built with bilateral handrails. She can independently complete her laundry with the assistance of a rolling laundry cart. She can access her walk-in shower with the use of additional grab bars for mobility and a tub transfer bench to navigate the threshold step in shower.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to work with Village MD's CAPABLE implementation program and to provide a safer, more accessible environment for this client. She has already referred four family members who also have mobility issues.

If you or a family member have mobility or accessibility issues, please give us a call. One of our accessibility consultants would love to talk with you and provide you with a free in-home consultation.

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Lady using bathroom grab bar for balance support.

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