Making Life Safer & Easier for A Patient Living with ALS

Recently, LiveWell completed a project for a homeowner whose mother was diagnosed with ALS. ALS ( Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), or Lou Gehrig's disease is a nervous system disease that weakens muscles and impacts physical function. With this disease, nerve cells break down, which reduces functionality in the muscles they supply. The cause of ALS is unknown and there is currently no cure.

Symptoms include muscle weakness, problems with coordination, stiff muscles, loss of muscle, muscle spasms, or overactive reflexes. Advanced symptoms include difficulty swallowing, speaking, or coordinating movements. 

Because of the severity of symptoms, everyday living activities can be increasingly more difficult. Thankfully, LiveWell was able to provide the services and products needed to help make the patient's life much easier. 

First, we renovated the shower so that it is a zero-entry "roll-in shower". Removing the threshold and any other barriers to entry allows for a wheelchair to smoothly move in and out. We also added grab bars for extra support while standing. Check out the before and after photos below!

  After Photo of Bathroom Remodel

After Photo of ALS Remodel

We also opened up the toilet closet space so that it's more accessible and added grab bars for extra support around the toilet. 

We also moved the doorway to the bedroom and widened it so that it's wheelchair or walker accessible. Before and After photos below!


Lastly, the homeowner ordered a new Pride Mobility Lift Chair for her mother. Pride Mobility Lift Chairs are the ultimate in style and performance. They are designed to be a functional and fashionable part of the home. Each recliner is built for quality and reliability. No matter what style of lift recliner you enjoy, Pride is sure to have a model that will meet your specific needs. 

Lift Chair for ALS Patient

If you or a loved one are living with a condition that makes moving around difficult, please give us a call! Our expert team can help to modify your living space to make it safer and more comfortable. Give us a call today!

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