3 Simple Changes to Prevent Falls in Your Bathroom

Senior woman fell on bathroom floor

3 Simple Changes to Prevent Falls in Your Bathroom that are Actually Affordable

A fall can be a life-changing event and a serious health risk for an older person. Falls can lead to disability from an injury, loss of independence, and even death. About 30% of adults who are 65 and older fall every year and most of those falls occur in the bathroom.

Woman holding on to toilet after fall in bathroom

Modifying your bathroom to meet your specific needs is the single most important change you can make to your home to prevent falls.

Three simple and affordable changes to prevent falls in your bathroom are:

Lighting- Simple changes in lighting can make a big difference. Creating the right lighting with night lights, motion-activated lights, wall sconces, and natural light from a window or a skylight will aid visibility and improve function. Rocker-style switches placed in easy-to-reach spots are a good idea too. If you like technology there are many new smart home options that are easy to use. Your grandkids will get a kick out of any upgrades you make and will brag about how cool you are.

Toilet- If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t thought much about different options for a toilet. But for an individual who may struggle to stand or sit, toileting can present a tough challenge. To make sure simply going to the bathroom isn’t an ordeal, have a higher toilet. This can either mean installing a totally new toilet or just adding a raised toilet seat.

Grab bars and accessories- Grab bars provide a lot of leverage around the bathroom, from getting in and out of the shower to getting up and down on the toilet. There are many styles and options for grab bars so that they don’t leave your bathroom looking like it’s right out of an institution.

Because of its hard and slippery surfaces, almost 235,000 people visit the emergency room each year with injuries suffered while bathing, showering, or using the toilet. Whether you want to do a full bathroom remodel or use cost-effective modifications, a few simple changes can lower your risk of falls and improve the safety of your home.

These 3 simple changes to prevent falls will have you well on your way to improving your safety, promoting your independence, and preventing falls.