A Simple Ramp Can Save the Home You Love

Beautiful custom built ramp

When we are younger, our wants and needs are often very different from those when we are older. We may focus on a massive kitchen, a huge walk-in closet, or large bedrooms. The perfect house comes along that completely steals your heart and you think " I'm going to live here forever!".

Many years pass that are filled with the birth of children, amazing holidays and birthdays, and too many happy memories to count. Time rolls on and the things that you love about your home can start to become a burden. Your dream home may not have been built with aging in place in mind, but that doesn't mean you have to move.

LiveWell has a wide variety of products that can ease the burdens that come as we age. Stairs, tub/shower combos, or steps to enter into the home can be incredibly dangerous. 1 in 4 seniors fall every year, but our products can help eliminate these hazards in your home. 

Ramps are the perfect solution when there are steps to enter or exit the home. Ramps can be either custom built and permanently attached, or they can be modular and temporary.  Either type will provide a safe and sturdy platform that removes the danger of stairs and provides access for wheelchairs. 

Here are some key features to consider when choosing the right ramp for you:

Proper Slope: ADA guidelines require a 12:1 slope, but residential applications are more flexible since they don’t have to comply with ADA.

Material: The proper material, whether it be wood, aluminum, concrete, foam, rubber, is a critical design feature that we can discuss with you.

Design: The overall design of the ramp such as handrails, curbs, decking, balusters, finishing and supports should all be considered when installing a ramp.

LiveWell's Accessibility Consultant's are standing by to talk through your needs and trouble areas in your home. We can help you to determine the right ramp for your home and simplify the ordering and installation process. Give us a call today!

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Modular Temporary Ramp

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