Our latest Ramp project features both modular and custom-built ramps! We were contacted by the patient's brother who was concerned for his brother's safety going in and out of his home. As you can see, there are steps to navigate at both entrances, and even steps as small as these can be dangerous for someone living with mobility issues. 

Modular Ramp

LiveWell installed a black modular ramp at one entrance that allows for a wheelchair to be rolled up and into the home without any trouble. 

Custom built ramp

We also custom built a longer wooden ramp at the other entrance with handrails. This makes it easier for a wheelchair or walker to move in and out but also provides support with handrails if an assistive device is not being used. 

Custom Built Ramp

Now, these stairs are no longer a problem for this homeowner and his brother can sleep soundly at night knowing that his brother can move easily in and out of his home.

If you have entrances/exits in your home with stairs that you feel are unsafe or could lead to a fall, give us a call today! Our Accessibility Consultants would love to talk with you about what options are available at all price points.  

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