Stairlift Success Story

senior man stands at bottom of stairs by stairlift
Handicare stairlift success story

Stairlift Success Story

We’re still learning about life amid COVID-19, but one truth is constant: we are committed to your health and wellbeing and to making sure you are living well in the home you love.

We are responding to appointment requests quickly and in a recent installation were available the next day. Not only do we come equipped to fulfill on the CDC guidelines by using disinfectant wipes, gloves, and masks, we will bring the options and supplies necessary to customize your install to meet your needs.

We are washing our hands regularly, wiping down high-touch surfaces in our work vehicles and practicing social distancing by having you stay in another room while the installation is in progress.

In a recent installation we followed COVID-19 precautions and visited a family the day after they called in for help. The customer needed a stairlift installed so that there was safe access to the master bedroom and bath on the second floor since their mobility was limited due to a current health issue.

Because we hadn’t done an assessment of this customer’s needs prior to the visit we came prepared with multiple stairlift options.

A stairlift is a piece of assistive technology, consisting of a chair that carries you safely up and down stairs, on a rail that is secured to your stair treads. Stairlifts prevent falls, help avoid tripping hazards and remove the significant barrier of stairs so your whole home is accessible.

We typically install stairlifts for straight stairs, curved stairs or stairs with landings, and outdoor stairs. For this customer we brought multiple options and color choices. The best option was a stairlift with a retractable rail and a folding seat to save space and eliminate a trip hazard at the bottom of the stairs. A retractable rail raises and lowers automatically as the chair rides up and down the stairs. With the retractable rail option, the stairlift is there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.

We set up a tent in the yard so that most of our preparation work could be done outside of the home (and protected from the rain) and brought the parts inside for installation on the stairs.

After the work was complete, we wiped down the stairlift with disinfectant wipes and demonstrated use at a safe distance. We scheduled a follow up remote demonstration so that any questions that came up after a few days of use could be answered. It was great to wrap up another stairlift success story.

Much of our work is done with people who are considered vulnerable and high-risk and we are committed to your health, safety, and the safety of your home. You can count on us to provide the best service in these uncertain times and help you take control of your stairs, give your family members peace of mind, and give you greater independence in the home you love.

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