Why Liability Insurance is a Must-Have for Home Modification/Remodeling Projects

LiveWell repaired area after tape pulled off the finish.

Recently, a client reached out to us to modify and improve her shower. Per LiveWell's standard procedure, we placed paper on the floor to protect it as our team is moving around in the home and going in and out of the house. We only use high-quality paper and only 3M branded painter's tape. The job took approximately 4-5 days to complete. At the end of the project, we pulled up the paper and tape. 

The customer called us a few days later and asked us to come look at her floor. The tape had pulled the finish off of the floors and left "stripes" on the hardwood floor in the foyer near the front door. The stripes were approximately 10 to 15 feet long. We had already received our final payment for this project and our client was very happy with the quality of our work, our team, and our professionalism. We felt that we had gone above and beyond for this client, especially when it was such a small job.

LiveWell did NOT walk away from the damaged floor. We sent out team back to try and spot repair the stripes, but no success. After several attempts to repair the floor ourselves we decided that a professional was needed. We filed a claim with our insurance for the property damage and our insurance covered the cost of the repair. 

Choosing a company that has liability insurance is so important! LiveWell is backed by up to $2 million in liability insurance that covers us and our clients for any property damage that may occur, even when LiveWell does everything right. Things happen and your neighborhood handyman may not have the insurance to cover when they do. 

LiveWell showed back up for our client and we corrected the problem! We hear so often of contractors "not showing up again" after an issue is reported, and that's not ok! We want each and every client to be satisfied with our work. We want them to be a good referral for us. We treat our clients the same way that we treat our own family. We do it right!

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