From Sunken Nightmare to a Zero-Entry Dream

Sometimes we see shower designs that just make us scratch our heads and question what exactly the architect and builder were thinking! This shower design is one of them.

Sunken bathroom inside photo.

Homes in this neighborhood were built in the 1970's and safety was not part of the plan for this shower, but, thankfully, LiveWell was there to help!

We ripped out and disposed of all of the tile in the existing shower and raised the floor by pouring concrete to even the shower floor out with the rest of the bathroom. We installed beautiful new tile on all of the walls and on the floor of the shower.

Before Sunken Bathroom Photo   

We added 3 grab bars inside the shower for additional support for the homeowners. We reinstalled the existing glass doors to safe costs as much as possible. 

Finished tile bathroom with zero-entry shower

Now this wonderful couple has a beautiful shower that they can safely use for many years to come while they age in place in the home that they love. If you are planning to age in place or struggle with limited mobility, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our Accessibility Consultants are available to talk with you about what options are available. 

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