How LiveWell Can Help to Prevent Falls in Your Home

Small preventative measures can make a huge difference when it comes to Fall Prevention. Removing rugs or cords that can be tripping hazards, improving the lighting in dimly lit areas, decluttering to make wider walkways are simple things that can be done to reduce the changes of falling. But sometimes, more drastic measures need to be taken. LiveWell has a full line of products that can help to reduce the likelihood of a fall but can also greatly improve the quality of life for those living with mobility issues. 

Fall Prevention Recommendations:

1. Create an alternative to climbing the stairs. 

Stairs are incredibly dangerous for older Americans. A fall down the stairs can be disastrous and can even result in death. Removing the burden of climbing the stairs can drastically reduce the odds of falling. LiveWell's full line of stairlifts and elevators create a perfect solution for any size home, any staircase, and any budget!

LiveWell has installed many stairlifts on all shapes and sizes of staircases. We even offer stairlifts for outdoor staircases! We also offer elevators in all shapes and sizes. Our through-the-floor elevator was recently installed in the same floor space as a spiral staircase. It takes up the least amount of space versus a traditional home elevator.

2. Modify the Bathroom to Remove Tripping Hazards

Bathrooms are the #1 area where serious falls occur, and the reason is simple. Falling in the bathroom could result in one hitting their head on a hard tile floor or hitting a porcelain toilet with a limb as they fall. Falls that occur in the bathroom can lead to very serious, life-threatening injuries. LiveWell has a team of skilled craftsmen and accessibility consultants that can help to modify your bathroom to make it safer and more accessible. 

Installing a zero-entry shower that removes the threshold is a great start. This removes any barrier that has to be stepped over while entering and exiting the shower. Also, installing grab bars inside the shower, around the toilet area, and any other places where extra support is needed can decrease the chances of falling.

3. Adding a Ramp

Ramps aren't only for those that use a wheelchair. Ramps can be beneficial for all older Americans because it removes the burden of climbing stairs. Whether it be at the entrance/exit of your home or down a few steps inside the house, a ramp can come in handy! LiveWell can build a custom-built ramp or provide a modular solution that is temporary.

4. Widening Doorways

Doorway widening is not something that is often thought about when considering home modifications, but it is very important. Whether you are using a wheelchair or a walker, standard doorways aren't wide enough for assistance devices to easily pass through. Widening a doorway is a relatively simple process that doesn't require a great deal of time. 

5. Mobility Scooters

A motorized scooter is a fantastic way to maneuver around when falling is a worry. LiveWell has a full line of motorized scooters in all sizes and budgets. This creates an easier way to move about and also provides freedom and independence for seniors.

For more information on Fall Prevention in your home, please give us a call! Our Accessibility Consultants would love to talk with you. 

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