A New Stairlift for a Senior Living Facility

New Stairlift for Senior Assisted Living Facility

Did you know that businesses can also benefit from stairlifts? Anywhere that seniors or those living with disabilities will need to nagivate the stairs can benefit from the addition of a stairlift.

Top of the Stairs view of a new stairlift.

LiveWell just installed a new curved stairlift in a 16 bedroom assisted living facility. Previously, residents whose rooms were upstairs had to navigate the stairs, and that can be dangerous! With the addition of this stairlift, her residents can now safely move up and down the stairs without the burden of climbing them. 

Bottom of the stairs view of the new stairlift.

His Grace Senior Living Facility offers a serene luxurious atmosphere. They feature daily activities with all meals provided. Each room features call buttons for help, comfortable lift chairs, ADA compliant bathrooms, walk in and roll in showers, and camera monitoring without the common areas for additional safety. 

Stairlift folded up and out of the way.

Thank you to His Grace Senior Living Facility for trusting us with the installation of their brand new Stairlift! 

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